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Our mission is to make women feel extraordinary in revealing moments, with timeless, elegant swimwear.

ISK-KA designs are created with a sense of balance and proportion, lines, shapes and sophisticated femininity, to create timeless classic pieces.

With swimwear being one of the most difficult garments to design and produce, fit for various body types must be married to the best fabrics, and the best craftsmanship to create a luxurious fitting and feeling swimsuit. ISK-KA uses only thebest Italian fabric and each suit is hand crafted and sewn in California. As a result, our bathing suits wear like a second skin.

What makes ISK-KA’s fabric choice even more special is that this fabric company, has partnered with WWF Italy (World Wildlife Foundation) with the mission to conserve the environment, safeguarding the wide variety of animals, landscapes and biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea.

ISK-KA designs by Rachel Fox.

Feel extraordinary. Be extraordinary. -