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Love. Every. Body.

Making women feel extraordinary in revealing moments, with timeless, elegant swimwear.

This Is More Than Swimwear

It's time to change the narrative in our mind, and as women, we have to help each other do this by empowering each other.

Our Bodies

We are taking the commonly dreaded process of finding the right product that can provide some comfort in our most vulnerable moments and turning it into an experience - one of women coming together to embrace and celebrate our beautifully different architectures because at the end of the day everyone deserves to feel extraordinary.

Being Extraordinary

Being extraordinary is making the right choices. ISK-KA's fabric choice has a partnership with WWF Italy (World Wildlife Foundation) with the mission to conserve the environment, safeguarding the wide variety of animals, landscapes and biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea.



You make great swimsuits that beautify the world in more ways than one! Congratulations on a great line of swimsuits.

Christie Brinkley

I loved ISKKA when I first came across this brand, but I fell in love with these suits when I put them on. They fit like nothing else I have ever tried on. ISK-KA suits allowed me to perfectly adjust to my body shape.

Olivia Duffy

"Beautiful fabrics and quite possibly the most comfortable suit I've ever worn, almost as comfortable as being in the buff!"

Summer Bellamy

"I have never tried on so many suits and have had all of them feel and fit so well. I tried about 20 on at another store and liked maybe one, with ISKKA I am having a hard time choosing!"

Carol-Ann Granastein

"This bathing suit is a game changer! Rachel Classic"

Jill Javet

"ISK-KA Swim suits are beautifully designed, and fit like a glove. Not to mention the designer is the most wonderful lady EVER."

Sabrina Virdee